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1974 Toyota Landcruiser - Precision Car Restoration

1974 Toyota Landcruiser

New job in the shop.

1974 Toyota Landcruiser

Repairing and priming the top for the Landcruiser.

1974 Toyota Landcruiser1974 Toyota Landcruiser

Welding up the new rain gutter.

1974 Toyota Landcruiser

Custom Rain Gutter

Precision Restorations is performing a car restoration on this 1974 Toyota FJ40.  When we estimate a restoration every project and every client is unique.  For this client the most important thing for this vehicle was to restore the mechanical systems.

For this vehicle we are:

-Rebuilding the engine, which will be rebuilt to original manufacture specifications
-Replacing the water pump
-Replacing the motor mounts
-Replacing the clutch slave cylinder
– Resealing the transmission and rear end
– Replacing all the brake components front and back
– Rebuilding the front differential

Today the specific task that Dan is working on is the rear end and rear brakes.

New rear brakes

Rebuilding the rear end

Pulling the rear end for rebuild