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David S. - 1931 Ford Pick Up - Precision Car Restoration
David S. – 1931 Ford Pick Up

David S.

1931 Ford Pick Up


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I thought the communication was over and above. I was contacted regularly about important issues that needed to be addressed that were not covered in the original deal. Things were found as the project evolved that were not apparent at the outset but they were important decisions that I wanted to be aware of and use my own judgment on whether to move forward with the decision or disregard it. I wanted my truck to look very street able but also able to take a trophy at a show. I got just what I wanted, in the timetable that we agreed to, and for the quoted contract price.

The quality and craftsmanship of the work were not more that I had expected. I had not seen this kind of quality fit and finish on metal before. The paint was spectacular. The whole project, as you can see, was first class. I look forward to my next project!

David S., St. Louis, MO

1931 Ford Pickup Truck