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Jim K. - 1951 Ford - Precision Car Restoration
Jim K. – 1951 Ford

Jim K.

1951 Ford


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I have owned the ford since 1970 but I was having electrical problems that I couldn’t solve, so the car had been sitting in the garage for two years.In January, I call the professionals at the shop after I had read an article in the Post about the shop and told them that I needed someone to check the car over and tell me what needed attention.

They came to my house that afternoon and picked up the car on a trailer. I told them that this isn’t a trailer queen and I liked to drive it regularly, check it out and tell me what we needed to do to make it safe and reliable to drive.

Within 3 days, Chris had done a complete inspection and you gave me a detailed estimate of what was needed, how long it would take to fix, parts cost and labor. I agreed to all and everything was done at the quoted price , in the stated time and much to my satisfaction.

In addition, I had a couple of things I added to the list as we went along and before each, I got the same estimate and same results.

I will be happy to be added to your reference list and look forward to a continued relationship with the Ford and my next project whatever that will be.

PS I really liked visiting the shop and checking out the other cars

Jim K. • St. Louis, MO • 1951 Ford Sedan