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Mick O. - 1987 ElCamino - Precision Car Restoration
Mick O. – 1987 ElCamino

Mick O.

1987 ElCamino


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Boys and their Toys’. Guess I meet the ‘Boomer’ profile (60 y.o.), early retired professional, familiar with the concept of due diligence, and in search of affordable, restoration work SECOND TO NONE …..Phase One (mechanical) of a three phase project is now complete. My ’87 ‘ELKY’ is downstairs in the garage resting with it’s new 350 c.i. 350 h.p. engine, Gaylord remote ‘pop top’ bed cover, and custom built Elderbrok ‘true dual’s’ that sound OUTRAGEOUS.

I had the shop give me a few examples of ole’ fashioned spot rust repair (NO PLASTIC!!)….damn are they good….

Mick O. • Crownsville, MD • 1987 El Camino