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Sara W - 1966 Mustang - Precision Car Restoration
Sara W – 1966 Mustang

Sara W.

1966 Mustang


Even if you’re not ready to start your next project, or if you have some questions, give us a call.

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I am VERY happy with the work that was done to my car. It looks great and I have to say it is running better then it EVER has!! I am very happy with the attention and service that you and the company provided. My Mustang has a lot of sentimental value to me. My father and I rebuilt it when I was in high school. (we won’t mention how long ago that was) It is not a show car but I want to be able to enjoy and keep it in good running condition for the next 17 years that I have it. I am very pleased that your company respected where I am coming from. I would love to hand them the car and say fix it ALL but financially I can’t do that. Your company assessed the car and we formed a series of projects over a time frame that I can financially handle. There was no pressure to do it ALL right now. I was kept up to date with pictures and e-mails as this project went along. The work, attention and respect for myself and my car was greatly appreciated. The interior looks like I remember it 17 years ago. Thanks again!!

Sara W. proud owner of a 66 Mustang • St. Louis, MO • 1966 Mustang