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Tips to Safely Transport Your Classic Car

“Why can’t you just call a tow truck?” Alas, that is the inquiry that classic car owners like you across the country — actually, make that around the world — face from spouses, children, parents, other relatives…heck, even their neighbors. Yes, these people have good intentions, but the fact that they mean no harm does […]

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Concours Restoration

Unravelling the Mystery Behind the Term “Concours Restoration”

In your virtual journey around the web learning about car restoration options and approaches – especially if you are planning to buy one from a collector, dealer or at auction — you have likely come across (or soon will) the term “concours restoration.” And you are likely confused as to just what the heck it […]

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buying classic car for restoration

5 Rules to Remember Before Buying a Classic Car for Restoration

Let’s start with this: at Precision Restorations, we LOVE restoring classic cars. It’s difficult to put into words what it feels like to meticulously and painstakingly restore a classic car to its original glory – or in the case of a restomod, make improvements that unleash a whole new level of performance, passion and excitement. […]

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