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restomods vs protouring

Restomod vs. Pro Touring: What’s the Difference?

One of the best things about being a car restoration enthusiast is that there’s always something new to learn — especially regarding terms and concepts. For example, you’ve probably come across the terms restomod and pro touring numerous times and wondered if they’re synonymous (as they are often used), and what they actually mean. Here’s […]

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Car Restoration vs. Refurbishment

Car Restoration vs. Refurbishment

One of the most important — and also among the most misunderstood — distinctions in the automotive restoration world is the difference between car restoration vs. refurbishment. Unfortunately, this confusion is made worse by some sellers and dealers who either use these words interchangeably, or make outright false statements intended to deceive unsuspecting buyers. What […]

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what is a restomod

What is a Restomod?

Have you ever seen a stunningly restored car on the road, and watched in awe as it raced by you in the passing lane as if it were a super-charged muscle car? Well if so, then you’ve borne witness to one of the most glorious creations in the universe: behold the mighty restomod! What is a […]

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