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1954 Cadillac ElDorado - Precision Car Restoration
1954 Cadillac ElDorado

1954 Cadillac ElDorado

Man this car is cool! I just love Cadillacs. They’re good, honest, pure, perfect examples of style and excess!

So, this one started out life, way back when, as an Eldorado. That’s how Cadillac built this car, but over the years it kind of got downgraded by unloving hacks doing repairs to it.

When the car came to us it had the wrong interior! Somebody along the line had decided that restoring the interior to the original ElDorado style was either too expensive or not necessary or something. So they tossed it all and just recovered things with the wrong stuff. And they lost a lot of the special emblems and trim.

But then we saved the day. We sourced the missing bits and pieces, bought a bunch of red and white cowhides, and went to work. We used original matching quality leather and custom made the interior exactly as it should be. It was wonderful work, and we’re really grateful that the customer trusted us to restore the interior of his Cadillac ElDorado.

Then was the chrome/gold plating. Some of the prior work was good, some was not. We took the best of the old, replated the rest, and the car looks spectacular now.

One big challenge on this one was the side cladding. The cladding on this car was gone, and someone had taken something like plastic shower stall liner and pasted it on the side, hoping no one noticed? So we sourced the stuff from good people we know in the industry, restored it, and did a perfect install. And yes, the parts were expensive.

We restored and repaired the suspension, electrical, engine performance and accessories, and dash. Lots and lots of details to get a beautiful Cadillac like this one properly restored. And now the customer has it, and is very happy. At time of writing the client has had the car for several months, had one Cadillac/LaSalle club meeting at our shop last winter, and is planning one next month. (That’s a great part about our work. We meet the nicest people!)