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1967 Cadillac - Precision Car Restoration
1967 Cadillac

1967 Cadillac

This beautiful ’67 Cadillac is about everything I’ve ever wanted, and then some! Low, sleazy, fast, quiet, gorgeous, and a drop dead candy paint job.

Cadillac restoration is about as good as it gets. I’ve always loved restoring classic cars, but restoring classic Cadillacs has always been a favorite.

As the photos show, we took care of the body and paint work. The guy who owns this car has a Harley dealership, and we figured the best paint we could do was just about right for parking in front of his place. We put four coats of clear on this car, and buffed it to perfection.

One tricky problem we dealt with on this Cadillac was some careful engine restoration. The engine was fresh right before the customer brought the car to us, but the oil pump had failed. He had the oil pump replaced, but there had been damage done to the lower end. We could hear bearing noise when the engine was running.

Most of our engine work here is very thorough. We typically don’t do as much repair work to engine internals. Normally an engine that has enough wear on it to need internal repairs is worn enough that it’s a good idea to perform a correct engine rebuild.

Rebuilding Cadillac engines is a good idea! They are smooth and powerful, and will provide many years of terrific service if correctly rebuilt. But in this case, in order to help our customer get maximum enjoyment out of the money he was spending, we agreed to share some risk with him and simply replace the damaged bearings. This is a substandard repair, but we were happy to do our best to help.

That’s a tricky thing to do, but our customer is a sophisticated technician, and understands the cost and benefits of this minor engine repair. We explained the good and bad of the job, and he’s happy. The car runs great, and the customer has a good running engine for a fraction of the cost.