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1957 Chevy Pick Up - Precision Car Restoration
1957 Chevy Pick Up

1957 Chevy Pick Up

We completed the resto-rod on this awesome ’57 Chevy Pickup. The work, as we see so often, had been begun by one shop, sent to another and another, and the customer ended up enlisting our help to finish it up. We headed to Ashland, Oregon with our six car enclosed semi tractor trailer outfit and picked her up and dropped her off!

The work on this one was very good, compared to many that we finish up. About 20% of our work is comprised of completing work started somewhere else. We are very good at it, and are happy to help. These kinds of jobs require a special approach to gathering up the parts that are supplied with the project, finding good solutions to problems where others have given up, and just trying to figure out what the first builder was thinking! It’s not easy, but somebody gets the awesome chance to do it!

Fist thing was the mechanical. The engine was partly installed, but several things were left hanging. The electrical, too, was in disarray. You can see the Dakota Digital dash that we installed, but the earlier builder had already begun the wiring.

One awesome detail on this job was the frame. It was already complete when we got the truck, and it was beautiful. You can see how nice it looks in the photos here.

We completed the installation of remote door operators, the electric windows, and finished up the interior. The first shop had a good start, we just had to find the correct materials to finish up and complete it.

The work order on this job was 12 pages long. I’m saving you a lot of detail with my brief description here. Feel free to call or email and I can explain the job in careful detail with you. If you’re in the same position, trying to get a project finished up, I’ll even give you all the details of this job, including costs, of every single item.