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2006 Charger - Precision Car Restoration
2006 Charger

2006 Charger

Got a minute? It would take too much space to write down everything cool about this ’06 Dodge Charger. But let’s give it a whack!

It started innocently enough. Client had crashed the car, and was looking for a repair, and a little something special. He had some ideas, we had some ideas, and it grew from there.

We ironed out the fender edges for starters. That Robo-Cop look is cool, but we think lots of things are cool, and we tried the sleek look on this baby, and it worked. Then we made the rear door suicide style, and moved the handle to the front of the door. That was cool, too.

Then we customized a custom body kit and installed that too! And custom lettering and logo work, a couple of cameras in back, one in front, and custom mesh in the custom openings in the custom front and rear bumpers. We had to section the front bumper to allow for clearance with the new, lower body ride height.

Then there’s custom lighting in the openings! And other places. And a killer stereo, and interior mods, and auxiliary electrical circuit work. And the customer worked with a buddy to produce a terrific increase in horsepower with head, cam, and computer upgrades. Very smart stuff, very smart guys. And extremely cool car when it was all said and done.

The custom paint work is to die for. Ghost flames that are built into very subtle red metalflake. Most people don’t notice.