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1950 Ford Crestliner - Precision Car Restoration
1950 Ford Crestliner

1950 Ford Crestliner

We performed a correct body and paint restoration on this ’50 Crestliner. The gentleman who owns the car had it restored for exactly the right reason, he has good memories of it! His dad was a hardware man, and the first time our friend ever saw his dad buy a car instead of a truck it was this model. It’s a good story, and I’m grateful we had a good part in it.

This Ford was pretty straight when it came to us for body and paint restoration. It had a Continental kit that needed to be removed, but other than that the car had never been substantially modified. We disassembled it, media blasted it to bare steel, repaired the dents and rust, did perfect body and paint and put her all back together.

The photos here show some nasty rust at the rear glass. We found a good donor car and got a rear window surround from it, solving the problem.

Our engine work was limited to show winning paint, tune-up, rebuilding accessories, and restoring the engine compartment to original, correct standards.