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1967 Cobra - Precision Car Restoration
1967 Cobra

1967 Cobra

Three things make this hot rod paint restoration job memorable: the work was begun and not completed successfully at another facility, the customer wanted flawless work, and the customer is just a terrific guy!

Our paint work is second to none, so making this customer happy was not a variable. But it sure was a lot of work! The earlier attempts at painting this car had some chemical compatibility issues we had never seen. The white stripes cracked and moved around like a plate tectonics lesson! After many attempts at repair, adding coat after coat of paint, the earlier shop packed it in.

Our paint restoration work began with completely removing all traces of the earlier white paint. Then we primed it with an epoxy we use for tricky situations like this. And there were problems! Something in the failed white paint got into the parent fiberglass, and ended up making war with the epoxy in a few spots. Small cracks came up. So we dug into them, and re-primed them, baked the car, block sanded it, primed and baked and sanded again!

After the typical basecoat/stripe/clearcoat routine, we added one of our favorite custom paint restoration features. We final sanded the clearcoat to 800 grit and re-cleared it, color sanded to 2000 grit and buffed it. Remember, I told you this client wanted flawless!

These  pictures show the car before it’s completely reassembled; the client did the initial disassembly and reassembly work.