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Modern Muscle Car Upgrades - Precision Car Restoration

Modern Muscle Car Upgrades

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I am sure that we are not the only ones noticing that the big 3 are developing some great cars directly based on some old favorites. Good move for them better move for us. The Mustang, Charger, Challenger and Camaro are the NOS muscle cars of the modern age. The Corvette has continued to carry on the traditions of the Muscle Car era and will continue to do so. Now the Corvettes’ street partners of the past are here again.

The staff at Precision Restorations is more than capable of applying the same level of respect we have for the predecessors of these models to the new updated versions. There are plenty of upgrades and custom applications available to personalize these street machines. We have installed performance upgrades, interior styling upgrades, custom body kits and custom paint on all the modern muscle available today.

Take a moment and just imagine a new GTO or Impala with the same styling ques as the 60’s models which filled our dreams as kids and young adults. How about a split window Corvette, ok I may have gone too far. But that would be incredible!

We can also design and build a classic car on a modern chassis with the drive train of your choice. Both GM and Ford have made bodies available for this exact application. We are developing several signature cars that reflect the quality, performance and comfort that we have built into so many of our restoration projects

Got Muscle, try Precision Restorations

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