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3 Things You Must Know About the Car Restoration Process BEFORE You Start - Precision Car Restoration

3 Things You Must Know About the Car Restoration Process BEFORE You Start

Car Restoration ProcessThe car restoration world can be wonderful or wild.

You can easily imagine the wonderful part: restoring a car is not simply a hobby; it’s a passion that unites people of all backgrounds and walks of life. It’s also remarkably gratifying in a way that is impossible to describe. That’s why people who “get” car restoration really get it — and those that don’t…well, they really don’t!

However, there’s a wild — as in scary and risky — aspect of the car restoration process. And if you’re thinking of joining the ranks of the global car restoration community, then there are 3 essential things you MUST know before you start — not after. Why? Because you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars, months (or years) of time, and ensure that your long-term experience is incredibly rewarding rather than painfully regrettable. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The car restoration process is much harder than it looks.

If you’re a wizard in the garage and (sigh) relatives, neighbors and co-workers constantly ask you for advice, then that’s great. You surely know your stuff and have likely saved tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. Plus, your cars probably stay on the road much longer (and look better), which means you save even more.

Yet, with all due respect, nothing you’ve done in the past has likely prepared you to handle every aspect of the car restoration process. This doesn’t mean you need to go 100% hands-off. But it does mean that you should work with an expert who can handle aspects of the process for you — such as stripping down the car entirely before the restoration process even begins. Plus, an expert will have all of the tools needed for the job.

2. Don’t dive into car restoration to make money.

Yes, there’s a chance you can sell your restored car at a later date for a profit. But this shouldn’t be your objective, because there are professional consultants, brokers and dealers out there who specialize in this area. What’s more, probably the surest way to turn your joyful experience into a stressful lie-awake-in-bed-at-night-worrying ordeal is trying to achieve ROI.

3. Some cars are easier to restore than others.

The “right” car for you to restore is the one that fits your personality, preferences and budget. However, with this being said, some cars are generally considered to be easier or more straightforward to restore than others, either because of how the car was originally made or the availability of replacement parts.

We’d be glad to sit down with you to learn about your goals and interests and point you in the right direction. To wet your appetite, check out this list from Hemmings that features what they consider to be the 32 best cars to restore.

The Bottom Line

Nothing here should dampen your enthusiasm about joining the restored car community — because once you experience what it’s like, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner; provided, that is, you keep all of the above in mind.

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