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If a stock restoration is a car rebuilt to original factory specifications, and a Pro Touring musclecar is a vehicle packed full of modern technology, then a restomod falls somewhere in between both extremes. Just as the name implies, a restomod is any car or truck that has been both restored and modified. Iconic musclecars  of yesteryear may look absolutely spectacular, but the truth is that they drive terribly compared to lowly modern commuter cars. Lethargic steering boxes, lots of body roll, poor ride quality, and ancient drum brakes can make driving a classic car in traffic a nerve-racking affair. To address these issues, as aftermarket performance parts started becoming more readily available in the early ‘90s, many car builders quickly recognized the benefits of tastefully integrating modern quick-ratio steering boxes, anti-roll bars, coilover shocks, and disc brakes onto yesterday’s classics. Many enthusiasts take things one step further with internal engine modifications and overdrive transmissions that improve both acceleration and fuel mileage.

While it’s only natural to assume that this level of modern sophistication costs a fortune, that’s not necessarily the case. With project cars that are 40-plus years old, it’s often less expensive to replace worn-out suspension, brake, and steering hardware with brand new performance aftermarket parts than it is to rebuild the stock components. The huge advantage of this approach is substantially improving the drivability and safety of your project car without breaking the bank. Likewise, one of the biggest perks of building a restomod is that a car’s originality isn’t permanently lost in the modification process. Whether the parts in question are a set of exhaust headers, aluminum cylinder heads or an overdrive transmission, most of the modifications are easily reversible. Nevertheless, restomods often command more money than their all-original counterparts, so returning a car back to stock form doesn’t make a lot sense. Keep it modified and enjoy the benefits!