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Classic vs Antique

Classic vs Antique Cars: What’s the Difference?

For outsiders, the terminology of the classic car industry often proves daunting. Indeed, mechanical lingo aside, simply classifying a car as “classic,” or “antique” can be a difficult task. Definitions tend to vary from organization to organization –– and more importantly –– from state to state. The practical difference between classic vs antique cars is […]

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kit car vs classic car restoration

Kit Car vs Classic Car Restoration: The Replica Dilemma

The real thing costs a lot these days. Want an authentic NFL jersey? It’ll cost you more than double what merely purchasing a “replica” version would. Or how about an original vintage vinyl record? A first-edition “mistake copy” of Bob Dylan’s second album, The Freewheelin’, once sold for $35,000. Unsurprisingly, classic cars are no different. Chevy […]

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best classic cars to restore

The 5 Best Classic Cars to Restore

If you’ve worked closely with automobiles for a long time, then you probably have a “dream car” in mind. One special vehicle that stands above the rest, and which, for one reason or another, will always hold a special place in your heart. However, for others just entering the realm of classic cars, they may […]

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Storing your classic car in a garage

Helpful Tips for Storing Your Classic Car

When storing your classic car for an extended period of time, some simple steps can help keep your car in good shape for it’s next adventure on the road. Before storage Select a dry, dark storage place. This one might seem obvious, but selecting an appropriate storage space for your classic car impacts how well […]

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