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1995 Buick Roadmaster

The quarter panels for the Roadmaster are repaired and smoothed out from the rust damage. The Roadmaster is getting masked and ready to go into the paint booth for priming and paint. The bumper and body for the Buick is painted and ready to be sanded, buffed and reassembled. The Roadmaster is in reassembly today. […]

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1966 Buick

New job in the shop!  Partial restoration on a 1966 Buick. Ralph is working on pulling out the front end on the Buick so we can get started on the mechanical restoration on the vehicle. We are working on replacing all the front brake components today for the Riviera. We are installing the new battery, […]

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1952 Buick

Larry has started up on the body restoration for this 1952 Buick.  The client delivered us this vehicle with quite a bit done.  This client has never done body work before and he did a pretty good job by the time it got to us.  We are going over the vehicle taking care of any […]

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