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1964 Toyota Landcruiser - Precision Car Restoration
1964 Toyota Landcruiser

1964 Toyota Landcruiser

This one came in looking old and nasty and rusty and tired. When we were done it looked old and nasty and rusty and tired! A highly skilled airbrush guy and lots of work got it that way, too! The customer has had this ’64 Land Cruiser since high school. He and his buddies used to go bombing around in the California desert. He is settled down some…but not too much. He wanted the same look he had then, but he didn’t want to lose the vehicle to rust. So we pulled the truck apart, media blasted it to bare steel, and completely restored it. And then we got on it with an airbrush and reproduced the good old days! The ultimate rat rod truck? New chassis, new interior, lots of top shelf 4×4 equipment, GM Performance Ram Jet 350, and you really turn heads when you pass people on the highway in this ‘old junker.