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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Installing Rear End

We just got back the 12 bolt posi rear end for the ’69 Camaro from the shop that narrowed it for us and Dan is ready to start reinstalling it and the 4 link suspension. Even though classic car restoration is one of the main areas that Precision Restorations specializes in, hot rod fabrication is […]

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1958 Chevy Pickup

The floor is finally at a point where we are able to start welding it and the cowl patch panels in. Continuing the assembly of the bed. The rear crossmember is welded in and brian is starting on the wood bed. Finishing up the metal work to the cab and staining the bed wood. Painting […]

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1980 Chevy El Camino

New job in the shop for restoration/customization! We finished up with priming the bed yesterday, today we are working on sanding it down. We painted the bed, bed panels and tailgate today for the El Camino. All panels hung and making adjustments.  We are also installing the new suspension and brakes. Air intake installed on […]

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1963 Chevy Corvette

John is working on getting the old engine and tranny dropped out of the Vette today. The corvette has been disassembled for stripping and paint and the engine is out and the new tranny is going in. Corvette is stripped down and almost ready for primer. The Corvette is stripped down and ready for body […]

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