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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Starting the disassembly of the Mach 1 today. Stripping this muscle car down to bare metal.  This will allow us to see any hidden body damage and make sure this paint job last a long time. Ralph is working on the repairs to the passenger quarter and passenger outer door skin today. We love doing […]

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1971 Ford Torino GT

Mike has started the process today of disassembling the 1971 Ford Torino GT.  We will be removing all the trim, body panels, lights, etc…  This car will then be put onto a rotisserie for restoration. Disassembly is nearly complete for this classic muscle car and Mike has started to strip the paint from the vehicle. […]

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1967 Ford Econoline Van

Getting ready to drop in the new drivetain. The Fords engine is painted and installed. Installing the new AOD tranny and the new high flow radiator. Finishing the install off the tranny and linkage today.

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1958 Ford Fairlane

Removing the engine for resealing. Repairing the wiring in the engine bay and the engine has been painted. Engine installed in the Fairlane and Bryan is installing the accessories. Hood back on and the engine is installed and running great.

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