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1990 Chevy Camaro Driver Restoration - Precision Car Restoration

1990 Chevy Camaro Driver Restoration

1990 Chevy Camaro Convertible


We will be stripping and painting this Camaro Convertible. Right now it has been acid etch primed, sealed, and sprayed with high build primer. The bumpers and rubber pieces were primed with a flex additive to prevent paint cracking.  We will be installing an upgraded stock radio with Amp outputs and a MP3 jack, along with a Kicker amp and speakers. Included in this build is a Viper VSS5000 smart start, security, and remote start system,  an HID headlamp kit, custom upholstery with leather seat covers, and a replacement center console.


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Dan has started to spary the rubber bumpers and ground effects in black.  All of the parts will be sprayed with a flex additive to prevent cracking during reassembly and over the life of the paint job.  The body will be sanded soon and before we know it, it will be in the booth, masked and ready for a fresh new look.


 To prevent contamination I kept the booth door closedTo protect the paint job kept the door closed.

The face lift of the Camaro is heading down the home stretch.  Dan finished blocking the remainder of the body.  Block sanding helped remove any minor imperfections within the body work and metal.  After making sure the vehicle was free of dust and dirt, he was able to rool it in the booth and start masking.  He also preped the hood, deck lid and mirrors.  This is where having two booths comes in handy.  To allow himself enough room, he sprayed the car in one booth and the remaining body panels in the other. Sealer, base coat, and clear, make the black look deep and rich.  


Dan will be sanding and buffing the clear coat soon and I will show everyone the pain staking steps that we go though to make our paint jobs some of the best around. 


Dan masking the Camaro in the paint booth


 1990 Camaro just after being sprayed1990 Camaro hood with fresh new black paint


This Camaro will be getting a new Borla exhaust system. I will also be running everyone through the step of install a pre-bent exhaust system and some of the tips and tricks that go with it.

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