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How to Upgrade Your Classic Car with the Comforts of Modern Muscle Cars - Precision Car Restoration

How to Upgrade Your Classic Car with the Comforts of Modern Muscle Cars

Classic muscle cars are widely beloved for their striking designs, nostalgic interiors, and quality craftsmanship. Many owners choose to restore their muscle car to its original state, but others decide to restore the exterior and upgrade the interior with modern comforts and performance improvements to enhance the driving experience. For some ideas on how to maintain the impressive appearance of your classic car with the added comfort and safety improvements of modern muscle cars, here are our top suggestions:  

Get the Comfort of Modern Muscle Cars

Modern cars have modern comforts such as air conditioning and power steering. Although these fixes may not make your classic car look more visually attractive, they can certainly make your driving experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Air conditioning is necessary for comfort in hot climates, so many drivers prioritize upgrading it first. 

Additionally, power steering was not widely used in cars until the late 1950s to 1960s. Modernizing your classic car with power steering can lower driver fatigue and improve driver comfort. Power steering also makes parking and quick steering much easier, which can reduce the chances of accidentally damaging your vehicle.

Implement the Safety Upgrades of Modern Muscle Cars

If your car is over 30 years old, it likely uses drum brakes, which can wear out quickly and require frequent maintenance. Upgrading to disc brakes can help improve your classic muscle car’s safety and increase the stopping power of your vehicle. 

Suspension technology was quite limited during the era of most classic cars, so when combined with natural aging over time, unrestored classics can be outright dangerous to drive. Rebuilding the suspension to its stock specifications is one option, but many drivers choose to implement modern suspensions instead for a smoother driving experience. Regardless of your decision to stay original or go modern, replacing the shocks, springs, bushings, and ball joints at a minimum is recommended.

Other Modern Aftermarket Installations and Upgrades

In addition to basic comfort and safety upgrades, there are many more options available for improving the general experience of driving your classic muscle car. For example, most cars produced before the 1980s used a points ignition system, which can deteriorate over time and lead to problems with starting the car. Replacing it with an electronic ignition can make your vehicle more reliable. 

Additionally, upgrading your classic’s stereo system can make the listening experience more enjoyable for cruising around town or going on road trips. Heated seats can also be a welcome addition for cold months. Overall, there are nearly limitless opportunities for you to add the comforts of modern muscle cars to your classic car.

Contact the Pros

What’s the point in owning a car you can’t enjoy? Whether you restore your classic muscle car to its original state or renovate it with modern amenities, the ultimate goal should be to enjoy driving your stunning and nostalgic piece of vehicle history. At Precision Restorations, we offer more than 100 years of combined technical experience and take a personalized approach to each and every vehicle we see. For help restoring, upgrading, or servicing your classic car, please contact us today! or call us toll-free at 1-844-503-8118. Or you can email me directly at

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