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4 Tips for Classic Car Maintenance - Precision Car Restoration

4 Tips for Classic Car Maintenance

classic car maintenanceAs you know better than most people — including many of your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on — owning a classic car is not merely a hobby. Birdwatching is a hobby. Scrapbooking is a hobby. Heck, for some people, playing Scrabble is a hobby. No, owning a classic car is somewhere between a passion and an obsession. Some people get it. Most people don’t.

However, with this passion/obsession comes some added responsibilities, because you cannot simply store your classic car in the garage or outside, and expect it to maintain its appearance and performance. On the contrary, you need to be proactive and ensure that your beloved machine is well taken care of. Here are 4 tips that should be part of your maintenance plan: 

Classic Car Maintenance Tip #1: Prevent Rust at All Costs

The #1 threat that you must remain vigilant against is — as you may have guessed — that wily old enemy known as rust. Indeed, rust is something that even new car owners need to keep top of mind, let alone classic car owners. Key things you need to do include: pay close attention to underside and wheel areas; prevent moisture; run your car in winter; properly store your car; and chose an expert restoration partner to help you target specific vulnerabilities that are unique to your car. To learn more about each of these, read our article “5 Tips to Keep Rust from Attacking Your Classic Car”.

Classic Car Maintenance Tip #2: Keep Your Classic Car Covered

Investing in a top-quality cover is one of the best things you can do to maintain your classic car. Aside from helping keep out moisture (and therefore rust), a good cover can be your last, best line of defense against wind-blown objects that would otherwise cause dents or scratches. Furthermore, direct sunlight can be just as damaging to your car as extreme cold, which means that if you aren’t storing your car in a garage, barn or other enclosure, using a cover is a must.

Classic Car Maintenance Tip #3: Head Out on the Road

Some classic car owners get stuck into a kind of “all work, no play” mentality – i.e. they invest a great deal of time and a fair amount of money on protecting and maintaining their classic car, but they don’t get behind the wheel and do what cars are meant to do: drive!

Aside from adding more fun to your life, driving your classic car at least once a month is actually wise, as it helps prevent or avoid corrosion and rust. What’s more, if there is a mechanical or other issue, driving can help proactively pinpoint the trouble spot before it turns into a larger, costlier problem.

Classic Car Maintenance Tip #4: Have Your Car Regularly Checked Out by Restoration Experts

You can certainly save money and time by performing maintenance on your classic car, and the tips above will indeed help you achieve both of these goals. However, as any experienced classic car restorer will tell you, it is unwise to do everything yourself — simply because you do not have all of the equipment, tools, technology and expertise you need. After all, owning a classic car is your passion. It’s not your profession and specialization.  

As such, ensure that you partner with a proven classic car restoration partner. Whether you need some valuable insight, a second opinion, or professional-grade work performed, you can be assured that your partner will love and care for your classic car as much as you do!

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