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Mechanical work from tune ups to engine swaps - Precision Car Restoration

Mechanical work from tune ups to engine swaps

The diversity of skills in the mechanical department at Precision Restorations allows our clients the flexibility to choose a number of different approaches to the mechanical restoration of their vehicle. From a simple tune up to full mechanical upgrades we’ve done it.If you have a big block car, small block, hemi or a classic flathead bring your vehicle to Precision Restorations for all your mechanical service needs. Our technicians are well versed in Ford, Mopar, Antique, Import and Muscle car applications.

We provide concise estimates for our mechanical work and have reliable sources for all parts and materials needed. Our quality assurance process will assure that we are meeting your expectations every time.

The process starts with a full assessment of the mechanical condition during the estimate process. The technician that will be completing the mechanical work is involved from the very beginning of the process and assists in the development of the labor and parts estimate.

The following are services we’ve provided many clients:

  • Full mechanical restoration of stock systems.
  • Complete system upgrades.
  • Upgrades to stock mechanical systems such as the suspension and brake systems.
  • Engine swaps of any kind. Including engine rebuilds or crate engine installations.
  • Fuel system restorations. Including fuel tank cleaning or relining.
  • Tune ups and engine tuning.
  • Transmission rebuilds and upgrades.
  • Electrical system restoration or troubleshooting.
  • Complete A/C system installation.
  • Air ride system installation.