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Partial restorations are a popular choice for clients - Precision Car Restoration

Partial restorations are a popular choice for clients

A partial restoration is a great choice for clients that want to limit their financial investment in a vehicle or may want to do some of the work themselves at a later date. 

A partial restoration may not include all the primary areas of the vehicle:

  • Body
  • Paint
  • Mechanical
  • Interior

In a partial restoration the body and paint are always restored. The interior may be freshened but not completely redone.

The mechanical systems in a partial restoration are usually addressed via a combination of some upgrades and restoring the existing systems.

Generally, the electrical systems, cooling systems and fuel delivery systems are not restored. The existing brake, steering and suspension systems are restored with some upgrades to improve drivability. 

The motor and drive train are either rebuilt or replaced. The engine can be replaced with a crate motor, the transmission and gearing is upgraded for a more modern drive experience.   

As one can see, there are a number of options when partially restoring a vehicle. This is the time to build the car to your specifications based on how the vehicle will be used.