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Classic Cars

How to Upgrade Your Classic Car with the Comforts of Modern Muscle Cars

Classic muscle cars are widely beloved for their striking designs, nostalgic interiors, and quality craftsmanship. Many owners choose to restore their muscle car to its original state, but others decide to restore the exterior and upgrade the interior with modern comforts and performance improvements to enhance the driving experience. For some ideas on how to […]

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car restoration process

An Inside Look at the Car Restoration Process

There’s a certain magic to every car-restoration project. After all, seeing an old, worn-down car returned to its former glory is an incredible thing. Unfortunately for many classic-car lovers, the car restoration process itself can be as enigmatic as a well executed magic show. Except in this instance, what’s going on behind the scenes could […]

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kit car vs classic car restoration

Kit Car vs Classic Car Restoration: The Replica Dilemma

The real thing costs a lot these days. Want an authentic NFL jersey? It’ll cost you more than double what merely purchasing a “replica” version would. Or how about an original vintage vinyl record? A first-edition “mistake copy” of Bob Dylan’s second album, The Freewheelin’, once sold for $35,000. Unsurprisingly, classic cars are no different. Chevy […]

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car restoration

Classic Car Restoration for Beginners

There’s nothing more rewarding than restoring a classic car. Revving up the engine for the first time and listening to it purr down the highway is a feeling everyone should experience –– at least once in their life. The problem is, though a lot of people love classic cars, not everyone has the time or […]

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